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Sammelthread - Patchnotes

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Gestern kam ein neuer Patch,hier mal soweit die Notes:

Content of the patch - 14.11.2013


Modding Kit
Added Korean language version
Exchanged Secret Door models
Added Narrator Dialog after Death of Mamushi
Added Narrator Dialog in Front of Portmeyron
Added some new Interactive Objects (LiquidBarrels, Buff Statues )
Trap rework: traps now have a damage range instead of a fixed damage value
Start menu extra option added (with credits and modding sub options)
Passive abilities are added to the Spell book
Information added about abilities and spells of the advanced classes to party creation
Loc Patch 8 integrated
Added game options for:
Disable barks
Disable game messages
Floating damage numbers
Change opacity for tooltips and quest-/action log
Implemented new interactive objects: barrels, shrines, fountains and crystals
Indoor scene music for Sorpigal’s chapel and town garrison
Monster animation update (some creatures have new and updated animations)
Minimap Notes implemented

Bug Fixes:

The combat with Iven will get stuck by following certain operations.
Enemies will repeat their dying animation and sound with a high probability.
The camera keeps turning to the ground in melee combat when interacting with the hillock at the same time.
There are some interactive objects which cannot be opened in world map.
The battle turns will freeze and cannot be recovered when encountering Coral Priestess in 3rd floor of Castle Portmeyron under certain circumstance.
Iven still has the ability "Focused" which should already be removed.
Iven loses melee attacking animation sometimes.
The exhaustion message in combat log frame will refresh at every step after loading.
The further damage of Poisoned condition is triggered by the process of in-game timer shaft.
The name of quest which received from Eileen displayed differently in dialog HUD and quest HUD.
Combat with brigands gets stuck by following certain operations.
Debug info appears in "Class" page when creating a new party by "Manual Creation".
The "Into Battle" button in Random Creation is not functional randomly.
The button "Into Battle" will not be functional in Creation under a certain circumstance.
The actual costing is not inconsistent with the displaying price of items when in warrior mode.
Game gets stuck when accepting quest from Maximus at certain condition.
The party gets stuck at a certain place in Castke_Portmeyron_1 under certain situation.
A lot of areas lost collision in map Agyn Peninsula.
The cure time of the altar is infinite, that may cause some unbalanced problems.
The "Select Difficulty Mode" page overlaps with the main menu after pressing "Exit to Menu" button within 16:9 resolution screens.
The party cannot pass a certain door in Castle_ Portmeyron_3 after killing Iven.
Ability "Focused" never triggered and replaced by ability "Boss".
The ability "Retaliation" can be triggered by range attack.
The party will slide to 1 or 2 tiles after killing any spiders.
The aggro-flag will turn yellow even if monster in the barrel have been killed under a certain circumstance.
Equipping a shield can't increase the block chance any more.
All increased damage values from skills are incorrect.
Items in vendor won't be refreshed if the next day coming without resting.
The character who cast Challenge on monster may not suffer damage from monsters' ability Sweeping attack.
The spell "Identify" cannot be applied if players put all unidentified items in Hireling package.
Monsters will stand after death in specific condition.
Enemies will lose their dying animation with a high probability.
The spider, Militia, Elite Militia & Luke will keep moving forward if the party keeps attacking and switches characters rapidly.
Player should pay 1500 gold again to hire the Pack Horse, but the shopkeeper said the party can take it for free.
The camera can spin around the hillock even if there's an obstacle at the grid which player stands.
Some NPCs in Sorpigal have the same appearances and portraits.
A warning message pops up after pressing ATL+F4 in game under certain specs.
Mamushi can both move and attack in one turn.
There are no traps in game on version 9017.
Teleporter at lighthouse 4th floor cannot be interacted when glowing.
Champion monster never dropped any loot after being killed.
Player cannot select the target when in ranged combat.
Player cannot get training or quest from Hamato.
The value of tooltip opacity in option menu is not functional.
Graphic of the shopkeeper in potion vendor displayed improperly.
There is a short line at the top of the "Adventurer" image in the "Select Difficulty Mode" menu.
Some items on help menu have extra obvious outlines.
The camera displayed improperly after encountering a Spider from barrel.
The chest box near Bear's room is not in the center of screen when turning camera towards it.
The text in the intro video cannot display completely under 800*600 resolution.
The option in dialog when talk to Aonbarr is not translated.
Some texts in options are not translated in Chinese.
Overlapping text in game menu.
Character can equip a spear without learning skill "Two-handed".
The textures of a room near stable are incomplete when using 4:3 resolutions.
An arrow overlaps language menu in options.
There will display double tooltip of the equipped two-handed weapon when comparing with the items in the inventory.
The price of players' item displays improperly when doing comparison with items in Vendor.
No further information displays in game message, when Elite Coral Priestess casts spell to a paralyzed character.
Add durability to equipment in order to reduce the damage frequency.
The message when moving to the entrance of dungeons is improper.
The magic damage displayed improperly after comparing 2 weapons with different kind of magic damage.
Rogue Mage's magic spell - Battle Spirit works incorrectly.
Attribute adding button cannot be clicked randomly.
Chinese translation of the option in Orlene's dialog is improper.
The {0} variable is improperly displayed in the tooltip of "Defend".
Monsters who have the ability "Boss" will be triggered twice to resist "Stasis".
The character who is in negative condition (Dead) still can open the secret.
Certain Items displaying above the mini-map are improper.
The effect of Torchlight will vanish after swithing scenes.
Information of broken two-handed weapon will be displayed twice in the tooltip of the hammer.
The attribute from ranged weapon affects improperly.
The log window cannot unfold when clicking the red X button to close the mini-map.
Monster will skip his turn when he suffered spell "Entangle" under a certain circumstance.
The unconscious character still can be poisoned by the Spider Queen.
Items in inventory keep disappearing without warning message as long as I drag them from slot to slot.
There are unexpected characters displaying in the game message of Traps.
Mamushi's ability Vindictive will be overwritten by Sweeping Attack.
Language in Options cannot display completely.
The quest log frame becomes corrupted after quick saving and loading the game.
3D model of the monsters will be missing randomly.
The "Identify all items" still can be clicked even there isn’t any unidentified item.
The tooltip of entrance on area map will remain on screen after being activated and triggering dialog.
It would be better to highlight Gold amount in reward game message.
Player cannot exit the dialog of "Hamato" after selecting 5th choice "Back".
The "miss" order in game message is randomly inconsistent with the tooltip of Shadow Cloak mentioned.
It actually displays a Buy Price, but is named as Sell Price in the tooltip of looting items.
It's improper to display a sell price for looting gold.
The texts "Level Up" will not disappear after dialog HUD appears.
Patch v1.1.1 cannot be applied.
The "Load" button is not greyed-out while no save-games exist.
The interaction icon is missing at a certain place in lighthouse_2 and player cannot pass it by pressing "Space" button.
There is an extra bracket in Aonbarr's dialog.
The descriptions of all slots in vendor are same.
The game message when monsters are performing Retaliation is disordered.
The game message of Mamushi's ability - Push displays at an improper time.
The graphic quality in Uplay patch version is much darker than raw version.
The map will lose functionality after players progress to Spider Lair without opening them.
One word is wrong in the Credits.
The attribute "Ranged Evade Value" is not displayed in game.
The bonus effect of skill Arcane Discipline is improper.
The game crashed randomly when activating Uplay overlay by pressing shift+F2 and then talking to NPC.
The spell Dark Vision has no function.
Player cannot retreat anymore when standing on a certain place in lighthouse_2.
The "Random Creation" cannot be clicked under certain situation.
The "Continue" button cannot be clicked even there isn’t any skill points left under certain situation.

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